We are a student led society, with chapters in schools and colleges, that helps learners around india access quality education resources

We are committed students from across India that wish to bridge the gap in education. We push the boundaries of learning and set benchmarks for our peers to follow.

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the Society for Inclusive Education aims to transform the world by providing access to high quality learning resources to all, regardless of external factors.

ubiquitous learning for all

Providing learners with access to learning resources previously unavailable to them

Supplements school education
Technology and core future skills
Life skills and hobbies

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SIE offers online learning that is location independent and can leverage trainers in other cities and even countries

Our courseware is available 24x7 to learners. Our volunteer trainers come from cities around India and the United States of America. 

Live online sessions

Corporate platforms

Govt-NGO platforms

SIE is transforming learning for participating user groups around India

Things have come to a head during the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Would you like to join us as a member or a volunteer?

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The Happy School Gurgaon

Our work with The Happy School in Gurgaon, Haryana paved the way for formation of the Society for Inclusive Education.  We thank this school for their wholehearted participation in the pilot phase of SIE.
Click here to visit the school’s website.


frequently asked questions

SIE stands for Society for Inclusive Education, which as the name suggests, is focused on bring quality education to all children irrespective of where they stand on the socio economic scale. 

You can write to us, stating clearly whether you want to join us as a member or a volunteer, and we will contact you to advise you on the next steps.

To become a member of SIE, you need to join a school or college chapter. Talk to the office bearers of SIE in your institution to see if you qualify for membership. If your institution does not have a chapter of SIE, please ask your administrators to get in touch with us at info@societie.org 

SIE members identify schools in their neighborhood that (a) cater to underserved communities and/or (b) lack infrastructure and facilities to access global learning resources. They work with the beneficiary school administration to help them set up the required infrastructure. They start and manage fund raisers or donation drives for this, with the support of the SIE head office. They work with students in the school and give them access to all the online resources that are available for them. They may even conduct classes in their domains of interest for students in the beneficiary schools. 

The online name for SIE is derived from Society for Inclusive Education (the highlighted letters). 

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